First Week Back

Time to vomit out some more basic todo list type stuff to see if we can keep Mr. Dillon….SQUIRREL! on track.


List Upload

###Require them to swear on their first born that the list isn’t purchased or some such nonsesne. Eaisly enough you can just do a ng-require=”true” and it’ll invalidate the form if they don’t check the box. Nice.

###Require one and only one email column So if a user uploads a list we need to have them choose what columns match with which list elements. Actually we could expand this out alot for warnings on types and stuff like that but for right now we are just going to go with looking at if they have a column marked as email yet or not. You HAVE to have an email column (duh, otherwise its kinda useless to RM). So this is basically form validation that spans not only multiple form elements but also dynamic form elements. This is a new one for me in Angular.

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