The day after, after....

Time to vomit out some more basic todo list type stuff to see if we can keep Mr. Dillon….SQUIRREL! on track.


Firmware roundup.

So we are trying to figure out if the drives that we have a legit drives or if we got screwed. I’m going with screwed at this point, but the drives are ent level SSD so we only apparenlty got screwed gently. They just aren’t Dell branded. Ok, lets get some firmware numbers.

Driver Version 6.600.21.08
Storport Driver Version 6.3.9600.17090

Manufacturer Dell Inc.
Version 1.1.2
Release Date 03/08/2012

iDRAC7 1.57.57 (Build 4)
Lifecycle Controller 2

##List Upload Ok so after rebasing master into list upload branch I’ve got to make sure no one else (GG) was playing with the branch as I need to force it upstream. So that worked out to be alot easier then I’d hoped. I apparently took my time when I did the rebase and it was suprising clean. Its pushed to master as GG requested so now he can play with it and make fun of me.

##Interview Questions Why do it yourself when you can farm it out! Dispatched a email to the team to see what they want to see asked.

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