Audible, the second-class citizen

Why does Apple not like Audible? My iPhones support for Audible keeps changing seemingly at random. The interface changes that they've made I'll admit are pretty, but the actual playback has become so buggy at times its almost unusable.

The first complaint is more a general iPhone bug. The external speaker stops working. No sound except through the head phones. Ring and alarm still work but any music, game or Audible content doesn't play through the external speakers. You have to bounce the phone to get it back.

That brings me to the next problem. Power related loss of position. In the case above if you bounce the phone your Audible book get set back to as if it were never played. So remember to take note of where your book was at before bouncing your phone. It doesn't always happen, but enough that I take note of chapter and minute anytime I bounce the phone.

Playing your book.....but not really. I will pause the book with the headset control and then after a min or two try to restart it. It will take a couple seconds to start and then will only play for about 3 seconds. If I try to stop and restart it has not effect and if I look at the iPhone it says its playing and is happily ticking off the time. The easiest way to get it back is to move around within the audio book using the slider. It seems to re-synch what ever got messed up in the first place.

Anyway, I'm just bitching cause I honestly thought that Apple sold Audible its DRM tech. You would think they would be able to get it right. It is my gut feeling going by the way it messes up that a lot of the problems are related to the DRM. Does anyone know if audio books purchased from iTunes suffer from the same issues?
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